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Intelligence on mining and industry in Africa

A research website focusing on providing intelligence on industry and mining in Africa. Various filters help researches quickly narrow down content or refine thier search results. The website database includes research reports on various mining and industry sectors, details on industrial projects in Africa, a database of news articles, profiles of mines, profiles on every country in Africa and access to all magazine back copies from Engineering News and Mining Weekly for the past 30 years.
Expanded search box to narrow down search results, a "Search within results" option is displayed when a user has already conducted a search and wishes to futher filter down 
Icons used within the website
Homepage  - A large search box and quick access links to various section of the website from the get go!
The lastest content added to the websites database is showcased below.
Homepage - rollover descriptions with links to various areas of the website help new and longtime users find what they are looking for without the need to type in a search term
Homepage - project tab
Homepage - rollover description
Dropdown menu
Magazine backcopy section - selecting a magazine cover reveals all containing articles, selecting an article headline reveals the article content below
Search filters - a display of filters to a search query
Search filters - when many filters are added to a search query a toggle switch to view all added filters is provided
A results page with various filters applied
Detail of top level search filters
Saved search - all previous searches with applied filters are saved to this page for easy acces
Typical news article view with rollovers active and related content opened
Typical news article view
News article view with and image or video thumnail expanded out
When a unsubscribed user reaches subscriber content, a basic headline and content description is presented with the options to login to view the content or gain a free trial access
Downloadable PDF report page
African Country research area
Subscriber pricing options page
FAQ page
Help area - divided into the various sections of the website to help locate a help article
Signup page for subscribing to various news alerts
Email Autoresponder when a user signs up to the Research Channel Africa
Emailer design - users are notified when a new report is available for download

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